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Post Mandible Clamp

The Mandible Clamp is a new product designed to make setting features faster and easier for every Embalmer. The Mandible Clamp is designed to do away with mutilation in the oral cavity.

Post Mandible Clamp Instructional Video

Attached here are the steps and video showing how to correctly apply the Post Mandible Clamp.

  1. Disinfect deceased persons oral cavity
  2. Select a clamp
  3. Using the thumb, index finger and middle finger or finger 1,2,3 place your thumb under bottom of chin to position
  4. Using the index and middle finger to separate the top lip from the bottom
  5. Use your free hand with the Mandible Clamp to go between diastema of maxillary or upper teeth and the bottom part of the same Clamp to go to the diastema of the jaw or lower part
  6. Slightly push with little force until Clamp is secure

Embalmer can choose to use one or two (left side/right side)

In some cases, a little cotton may be required (at the embalmer's discretion)